The Harris Tweed Heritage


Harris Tweed has a heritage as old as the islanders themselves. First woven as a basic staple in everyday clothing it has now become a fashionable and versatile brand. Gracing cat walks the world over Harris Tweed is synonymous with quality, authenticity and tradition. Yet it is also an accessible fabric and one which still retains the tangible human element through its weavers.

Woven by hand on traditional looms, the cloth is solely produced, by law, on the Isles of Harris and Lewis. Each weaver produces the cloth in a weaving shed using either a single or double width loom. The colours and patterns woven into the fabric reflect the ever-changing environment of the Islands.

Business owner Robert weaves the majority of the tweed, used in the clothing sold in-store, himself in his weaving shed. He says he feels a sense of satisfaction and pride whenever a customer leaves with something he wove. The name Croft 11 used on the clothing labels comes from the weaving shed, situated on croft 11.