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tartan" Jeremy is thrilled with his Kilt. He has already worn it three times, (and addressed the Haggis in it), it looks lovely when he dances". London.



" The full Kilt kit arrived safely last week. I am very happy with it ! It all fits perfectly and looks incredible, can't wait for an excuse to wear it. It has been a pleasure purchasing it from Celtic Clothing and means just that much more to me that it has been hand made in the Outer Hebrides. I would, without hesitation recommend to anyone thinking about getting a Kilt, to go through you." London.


tartan" I received today my Kilt. I am most pleased ! Thank you so much. My thanks also for the Kilt Pin, the tartan garter flashes and the tie. I will wear these items proudly, both for the Tartan and for the fine workmanship. I will recommend you to all those who would bend an ear to listen". Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer.



"Well what can I say? It fits beautifully - with the straps all at their tightest - so I have a little growing room if tartanrequired ! As you said yourself, it looks stunning too. My wife is absolutely delighted with it. She says it looks absolutely right and she is also looking forward to wearing her sash. We had to go out this evening, so I had to take the kilt off, but this did give me the opprotunity to examine it in fine detail. I am equally amazed by the skills demonstrated in the making of it. It lives up to every promise made by your website. The stitching, the straps, the fringes - all beautifully executed. It was this quality and attention to detail I was looking for - and Found ! You were, of course, absolutely right to pleat it to the sett. Nothing else would have done. But I see you have managed to make the rear an exact duplication of the front with a central red stripe in both cases. Was I just lucky, or is that another example of your skill in laying out the design ? - I suspect it was". Southern England.


tartan"Can you please pass my sincere thans to Kathleen for her excellent skills in producing not only the trews and bow tie, but also my Kilt and Plaid. Many people at our daughters wedding commented on the unusual Tartan, and also the quality of the Kilt itself. Some were rather stunned that I had not even had a fitting in Stornoway, and were rather doubtful that it was all done by email and telephone." Central Scotland.



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